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This is the home of my driver for Minolta PagePro 1[234]xxW printers, min12xxw. Currently, it is in beta state of development, i. e. one can do useful work with it already, but it may still have some rough edges.
The driver operates by reading a stream in pbmraw format produced by ghostscript and converting it to the language the printer can actually understand. As I focused on getting the driver to work reasonably well, I did not spend much time integrating it into more recent printing systems, so there are no foomatic or cups printer descriptions available right now. I can't test them here, anyway. However, the people at www.linuxprinting.org do provide PPD files for use with CUPS.
This driver is not completely home-grown; I couldn't figure out how the bitmap compression works until Adam Bochim came up with his driver for the PagePro 1200W on http://sweb.cz/beetman. This driver is quite a bit faster, though, and features reading the printer's page counter.
Starting with version 0.0.9, the PagePro 1400W is supported by min12xxw. I can't test this printer because I don't own this model, so if you find bugs, please e-mail me.
Version 0.0.8 of min12xxw fixes a few issues on 64 bit systems and includes support for NetBSD. Unless you have a 64 bit system or get compile time errors because gettext is missing, there is no need to upgrade.
Version 0.0.7 of min12xxw contains only a few cleanups in the code to improve portability; it now works on Mac OS X. No new functionality has been implemented.
From version 0.0.6 of min12xxw, we use autoconf to adapt to a wider range of operating systems. Compiling on FreeBSD, other BSD variants or Mac OS X should be no problem. This version also includes a FAQ document.
From version 0.0.5 of min12xxw, support for Minolta PagePro 13xxW models is included. I can't test it out myself, so if you find some rough spots in 13xxW support, please mail me. However, I've had reports that printing works quite well.
I've also had reports that min12xxw works with the TallyGenicom 9316 laser printer which seems to behave like a Minolta PagePro 1300W, so I suggest you treat it as a PagePro 1300W in your printing system. Under Linux, the lsusb command will print a line similar to the following for the TallyGenicom 9316:
Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0686:2003 Minolta Co., Ltd
Reports on printing to the TallyGenicom 9316 with min12xxw are welcome.
min12xxw is available under the GNU General Public License, version 2. See the file COPYING in the distribution tar file. The README file contains further information about min12xxw itself, as well as compilation and usage instructions.

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