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This is the home of my optimizing brainfuck compiler obfc. Currently, it is still in its beta development stage. It seems to work but hasn't had much testing yet. The main reason why I wrote it was that I like the brainfuck language and that I wanted to write my own little compiler.
It has the following features/bugs: Version 0.0.3 corrects a bug in the "[]"-balance checking code which could lead to a crash. Many thanks go to David Barnett for reporting the issue and providing a fix.
Version 0.0.2 corrects a bug in the end-of-file handling that compiled brainfuck programs get for their input. Also, the backend can now be selected from the command line.
obfc is available under the GNU General Public License, version 2. See the file COPYING in the distribution tar file. The README file contains further information about obfc itself, as well as compilation and usage instructions.

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current version: 0.0.3
old versions:
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